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Orion Safety Belts
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Quality safety systems you can
rely on

We provide highly bespoke seat belt repair and replacement solutions
that guarantee a nation’s safety.

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A seat belt only has to work once.
We make sure it does.

We’re the UK’s leading supplier of seat belts and safety systems. For over 30 years, we’ve been combining precision and reliability to create a truly quality product that works first time, every time.

Don’t take a risk on something that saves lives. Secure your future with Orion.

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Safe, reliable seat belts, every time.

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The experts you can trust

As seat belt repair specialists, we can take any type of damaged belt and inject new life into it, ready to perform as if brand new. Whatever the application, our belts promise durability and reliability with every use.

Our safety systems inspire confidence, time and time again.

We’re experts in the manufacture, assembly and delivery of a wide range of belts and harnesses, each one safe and secure for complete peace of mind.

We understand the need for flexibility in an ever-changing world. That’s why we guarantee a quick turnaround and a timely delivery, no matter how complex your requirements.

Total reliability

The reliability of our product is second to none. We’ve never had any recall or warranty issues, and we never fail to satisfy with our timely deliveries.

Right first time

Focused and highly efficient, we take the time to get things right first time. Whatever the order, we ensure every product is the best it can be.

Expertly crafted just for you

We have a great reputation for highly-skilled, bespoke work. Our specialist products fulfil unique requirements, and there’s no brief we can’t meet.

More than just business

It’s so much more than a business to us. We know our customers on a personal level, and we really care about providing the best possible service.

Always absolutely stunning service.

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